How to get your local business on top of Google search for no extra cost?

If you read out previous post about “Why pay non-relevant PPC for your local printable coupons campaign?” You understand that will help local businesses publish their printable coupons on the most advance precision local marketing platform. once again prove the powerful system that can save local businesses so much money and help local businesses go greener.

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Maui Woiw in Gilbert AZ recently joint us to publish their local coupons and store coupons and start offering BOGO Coupons Buy One Get One Free coupon to all online and offline customers. By search their business name, location and coupons, you can simply find their store page listed as #1 on Google Search Engine less than 3 hours after posting the free coffee Coupons and free smoothie coupon.

Most local businesses don’t understand the power of precision local marketing that can help local businesses lower the cost without paying coupon site to post PPC link for something that is not relate to their core local business. Why waste money?

If you are local businesses with physical address and are struggling in finding the best solutions to get your name out to the public. You should consider using‘s wonderful local marketing platform to publish your local printable coupons and store coupons. We can’t guarantee to make you number one on Google, but we can guarantee to get your site as high as possible based on your location.

Now you can print out the free coffee coupons and free smoothie coupons, if you are in Gilbert AZ.


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3 Responses to “How to get your local business on top of Google search for no extra cost?”

  1. Get local business on top of Google search result without cost extar! – Print free local coupons –…

    This is a great post about how local businesses can get their name out there for no extra cost. An example of using precision local marketing to boost local exposure on the search engine without paying any ppc or advertisement.

    Organic search engine …

  2. How many times a year does someone search for “maui wowi gilbert coupons” do ya suppose?

  3. SmartLocalShoppers Says:

    That's what precision local marketing all about. More and more people are searching long tail keywords to narrow down the search result. Searching exact phase is just the first step to make sure the target page is indexed properly and is rank good. It will work it's way up to broad phrase search for long term ranking.

    There may be not a lot of people searching exactly phrase, however, the conversion rate is much higher than search for short keywords and no conversion rate. The goal is to reduce the clicks needed to get to the call to action page.

    You will be surprise how many people are searching brand name in the search term. Like we state, if you don't include gilbert, the page is still in the first page. Search engine already know where your overall location is. It's not accurate, but it is pretty close.

    Quality is better than quantity.

    Thank you for visiting!

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