Local Coupon Marketing With QRCode

May 10th, 2012 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study, News No Comments »

SmartLocalShoppers.com is the leading local marketing company that utilize the mobile technology to improve and increase customer conversion rate using QRCode.

Since SmartLocalShoppers.com implemented the QRCode in early 2011, the usage of QRCode has increased. Although there was a down time between the holiday season, the overall QRCode usage is still on the rise. QRCode is still in the infant stage and not widely used in the country, but it is an inevitable treand. With the new features just announced yesterday, SmartLocalShoppers.com is taking QRCode to the social media on Facebook.

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Increase exposures and conversion rate using QRCode

April 1st, 2011 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in News No Comments »

If you are a fan of SmartLocalShoppers.com, you already know that Smart Local Shoppers not only use the latest local search marketing technology and GEO targeted local advertising platform to gain exposures from organic search traffic, but also implement many advance technology to our system without costing local business extra penny.

SmartLocalShoppers.com also works with many large coupon websites to help local businesses get more exposures and increase conversion rate. With the QRCode usage on the rise, every local businesses listed on our site will also get FREE QRCode.

Facebook_place_banner_QRCod facebook_banner_qrcode

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Boost extra free search traffic for local businesses

March 31st, 2011 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Announcement, News No Comments »

At SmartLocalShoppers.com, we are dedicated to bring local businesses more customers on the Internet. We not only help local business go green, we also help them get more exposures with our local promotions engine.

CouponMap.com recently join other large coupon sites to distribute local business offers and printable coupons from our promotion search engine.

With combined 5 million unique visitors every month, local business list their promotion offers will get more exposures than any other local marketing platform or local business directories. SmartLocalShoppers.com’s local promotion engine has gone beyond local advertising and work with many large website to distribute our content.

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Reach more local shoppers with QRCode on Smart Phone

February 22nd, 2011 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Announcement, News No Comments »

In the new mobile era, more and more local businesses are embracing the new mobile app technology. With the QRCode technology, local businesses can reach out to more local shoppers on Mobile phone.

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Effective local marketing exclusively built for local business success!

February 12th, 2011 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in News No Comments »

At Smart Local Shoppers, we want to help every local business create their own economy and generate more revenue and profit. We use many advance technology to deliver the result.

Please navigate through the following slide show and see why we are unique and different than any other local marketing company or local advertising agency in the industry.

Free Local Internet Marketing in your local city

January 19th, 2011 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Announcement, News No Comments »

We all want the best in our life. Smart Local Shoppers’s unique location based local marketing solutions is getting better! At SmartLocalShoppers.com, we won’t stop doing what’s right to help local business survive the economy and to help local residents to save money!

Our goal is to make everyone a winner and to help everyone create their own economy!

To help more local business take advantages of our unique printable coupons and GEO targeted local Internet marketing solutions, we have a new pricing to get local business going.

For limited time, first 100 local businesses signup and publish their promotion offers with the following promotion code will receive FREE Trial for 3 months.


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Grocery Coupons & Coupon Codes are now available for smart local shoppers

November 17th, 2010 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Announcement, News No Comments »

Grocery Coupons

SmartLocalShoppers.com – the ultimate WIN-WIN local shopping site is now also offering grocery coupons and coupon codes. Smart Local Shoppers is dedicated to offer local residents and smart shoppers a place to find their favorite local restaurant coupons, car wash coupons, nail salon coupon, auto services and many other store discount coupons. However, grocery coupons were┬ánot Smart Local Shopper’s focus.

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Next generation local marketing with Facebook Social Search

August 20th, 2010 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in News No Comments »

In the past months, SmartLocalShoppers.com have develop a new way to bring more targeted customers to local businesses by using Facebook social search feature. Facebook Social Search Success

Our goal is to give local business more exposures over the largest social network on the planet. The above image shows the search on Facebook Search box. 8 out of 8 search results are linking to the local businesses listed on SmartLocalShoppers.com.

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