Local Coupon Marketing With QRCode

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SmartLocalShoppers.com is the leading local marketing company that utilize the mobile technology to improve and increase customer conversion rate using QRCode.

Since SmartLocalShoppers.com implemented the QRCode in early 2011, the usage of QRCode has increased. Although there was a down time between the holiday season, the overall QRCode usage is still on the rise. QRCode is still in the infant stage and not widely used in the country, but it is an inevitable treand. With the new features just announced yesterday, SmartLocalShoppers.com is taking QRCode to the social media on Facebook.

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Get Listed Get Found Get Customers

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At SmartLocalShoppers.com, our search engine marketing consultants are working hard and smart to bring many local businesses in front of their competitors. We all know how important search engine ranking (SERP) is to the business to get people to find their information on the Internet. So SmartLocalShoppers.com build the #1 local promotion engine on the Internet to bring WIN-WIN local shopping to the public.

For local business, the concept is simple. Get Listed! Get Found! Get Customers!

What does #1 ranking for car wash mean to local business? It means higher conversion! With our unique search ranking algorithm, Smart Local Shoppers’ coupon publish system can easily rank your business quick on major search engines. Our consultant don’t just say it, we prove we have the capability to bring customers to your doors.

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How to get your local business on top of Google search for no extra cost?

August 20th, 2009 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study 3 Comments »

If you read out previous post about “Why pay non-relevant PPC for your local printable coupons campaign?” You understand that SmartLocalShoppers.com will help local businesses publish their printable coupons on the most advance precision local marketing platform.

SmartLocalShoppers.com once again prove the powerful system that can save local businesses so much money and help local businesses go greener.

Click image to see larger image.

Maui Woiw in Gilbert AZ recently joint us to publish their local coupons and store coupons and start offering BOGO Coupons Buy One Get One Free coupon to all online and offline customers. By search their business name, location and coupons, you can simply find their store page listed as #1 on Google Search Engine less than 3 hours after posting the free coffee Coupons and free smoothie coupon.

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Why pay non-relevant PPC for your local printable coupons campaign?

August 15th, 2009 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study No Comments »

Click image to see enlarged image

How can local business get such result in 21 hours without paying Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads?

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Boost your summer sales with right local coupon marketing

July 14th, 2009 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study, Testimonials No Comments »

Do you remember King Wok in Gilbert AZ? The fine Chinese cuisine joint SmartLocalShoppers.com, the fast growing and unique local coupon site, in May. King Wok is one of the local Chinese restaurant that suffer the slow economy. Without proper local marketing strategies and local promotion practice, King Wok had tough time to acquire more local shoppers. Sending out flyers in their own car and end up burn down their car in hot Arizona summer. The owner of the fine cuisine restaurant were so desperate to boost her businesses.

After joining SmartLocalShoppers.com, the Chinese cuisine now is receiving great response from the coupons they publish on the web. In less than two months, the store has receive more than 20 coupons and most of them comes back again. This is a great example of using local coupons to boost local business sales.

Let’s see what the owner has to say about the new local marketing that helps them boost their local business.

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Do your local shoppers trust your local business – Reputation marketing case study

June 25th, 2009 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study, Local Stores No Comments »

Running a local business isn’t an easy job. We know that and you know that. As a local business owner at the slow economy time, taking a great move to boost your local business is inevitable. Not a while ago, we talked about the reputation marketing that helps local PostNet store to boost their local business and reputation.

Now, let’s take a look at the other local stores who get recognized by the local shoppers. King Wok, Gilbert AZ recently join SmartLocalShoppers.com‘s local coupon and local marketing for local businesses.

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Local Coupon Marketing with Long Tail Search Keyword Optimization

June 8th, 2009 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study No Comments »

Not too long ago, we post a post about “What do local shoppers search in Phoenix Valley?” We got many emails from local businesses in Phoenix area asking us how we can help them to gain organic search engine traffic. There is really no secret that a web site can gain a great amount of search engine traffic if the practice SEO the right way.

This post is to show you what exactly people were searching on the Internet and how they found SmartLocalShoppers.com. This will help local business understand why precision local marketing is one of the key to help local businesses increase ROI. Publishing local coupons on SmartLocalShoppers.com is a great way to achieve that.

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Organic search engine traffic with precision local search boosts local businesses sales

June 5th, 2009 Smart Local Shoppers Posted in Case Study 1 Comment »

SmartLocalShoppers.com once again prove the capability of bringing local business more organic search engine traffic without paying pay-per-click campaign. We don’t mean Pay-Per-Click advertisement for local business is useless. Paid local search works under certain condition. Many paid local search don’t work due to insufficient local information of the business and wrong keywords selection.

SmartLocalShoppers.com on the other side, use proper long tail keywords and precision local search technique to bring the organic search engine traffic to local businesses. Can SmartLocalShoppers.com offer Pay-Per-Click advertisement for local businesses? Definitely Yes. However, SmartLocalShoppers.com’s goal is to save local business money and increase ROI. Most importantly, SmartLocalShoppers.com wants to bring real traffic to local businesses and help local businesses acquire more smart local shoppers.

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