About Smart Local Shoppers

Shop Smart! Shop Local!

We, at SmartLocalShoppers.com, are also local shoppers. We shop online and offline. Ever since everyone suffer the economy crisis. We realize how important it is to live wealthy and healthy everyday. We also realize that we won't be able to survive long if none of our local business exist.

SmartLocalShoppers.com is built to help local business grow, to help local economy to recover and to help local residents to save money. It's simple! Become a smart local shopper and shop at local stores. SmartLocalShoppers.com is built for just one and only one simply reason.

Local Coupon Advertising Made Easy

Our Missions:

  • To create WIN-WIN local shopping spirits
  • To replace paper based coupons book eventually. Go Green!
  • To allow customer print only the coupons they need
  • To lower the advertisement cost
  • To promote local small business with no physical boundary
  • To reach out to potential customers who visit different places
  • Become a trusted authority for local shopping

Our Expertise:

  • local search engine optimization
  • local coupon advertising
  • local internet marketing
  • local search engine marketing
  • local social media marketing
  • local business network
  • precision marketing
  • reputation marketing
  • GEO location marketing

Our Differentiations:

  • Put local family owned, private owned and smalll businesses first
  • Search engine optimized local store pages
  • Long tail keywords optimization for broad and exact phrase
  • Cross region and nearby promotions
  • Broadcast network for mass exposures
  • Affordable and reasonable price for greater profit
  • Give back to local community
  • Result driven technology

Support Local Businesses and Communities!

SmartLocalShoppers.com simply wants to support our local economy by doing simple things. Shopping online has changed our life dramatically. However, there are certain things that we can not really shop online. We have to eat at local restaurants, watch movie in the theater, buy grocery in the nearby stores. Our day to day life can not be separated from our local business. To make everyone's life easier, our goals are.

  • Help resdients to save money
  • Support Local Business to reduce advertisement cost
  • Push Greener Business to reduce paper usage
  • Protect environment and save trees