Local search marketing with fresh new look

SmartLocalShoppers.com is the ultimate local promotion site that offer local businesses cost affective and result proven local search marketing and local advertising solution.

We have a new colorful logo which is easier to read. With out new look, more local people will be easily read our web site URL. Yes! We are all about win-win local shopping and helping local businesses recover from the down economy and recession.

Here is the old logo, which is hard to see where the LOCAL is. We often heard people talked about us, but they almost always miss the LOCAL.

SmartLocalShoppers.com is not only the top local promotions site on the Internet, it’s also built on top of solid GEO location based technology, which will deliver the result to the local businesses. With the location data feed to major search engines, local businesses will get extra related maps or user content to increase their local search ranking on Google Places (Formally known as Google Local Center) or Google Map!

Do you run and operate a local business? Can your customer find your business on the Map, organic search result or SmartLocalShoppers.com where smart people shop? If not, you need to consider offering your local promotions, special offers and printable coupons to connect with more local savvy shoppers.

At mean time, SmartLocalShoppers.com is under some heavy face-lift, visitor will soon sees the changes of the interface and will be able to find local promotions, specials, discount coupons or restaurant coupons faster and easier.

After all, we encourage everyone to support local businesses.

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2 Responses to “Local search marketing with fresh new look”

  1. i completely agree with your emphasis on location and coupon induced interaction. in fact, my company operates with the same thing in mind. would you be interested in a partnership?

    you can either reply to my email or call/sms me directly at 90685183 if you wanna find out more about my company and what we do. i dun wanna write too much here for fear that it becomes spam to you if your not interested… :)

    thanks and i look forward to working with you! local businesses ftw!

    Kai Dick
    9068 5183

  2. @Kai

    Thanks for visiting us! Is your company operated in Singapore? Please visit our contact us and tell us more about what you do.

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