Local Coupon Marketing with Long Tail Search Keyword Optimization

Not too long ago, we post a post about “What do local shoppers search in Phoenix Valley?” We got many emails from local businesses in Phoenix area asking us how we can help them to gain organic search engine traffic. There is really no secret that a web site can gain a great amount of search engine traffic if the practice SEO the right way.

This post is to show you what exactly people were searching on the Internet and how they found SmartLocalShoppers.com. This will help local business understand why precision local marketing is one of the key to help local businesses increase ROI. Publishing local coupons on SmartLocalShoppers.com is a great way to achieve that.

So we decided to post a new examples on what people are searching and where they end up on SmartLocalShoppers.com. As you can see the example below, people are searching so many different type of keywords and eventually come to SmartLocalShoppers.com for more information. There are many search engine were used. Few are from the new Bing.com and Maps.google.com.

As you can see, most of the search terms are actually long tail search keywords. In other words, more and more people are searching longer terms which will tend to return more accurate results. Local marketing on the Internet for local businesses is no different than other Internet Marketing. With the right tools and right strategies, local marketing can easily be done right.

In the future, we will show local store who publish on how to create their own long tail search keywords and how local store can get the most of out of SmartLocalShoppers.com.

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