Boost local business exposures with GEO Location DATA Feed and Google Map is dedicated to help local businesses getting organic exposures over the Internet. It will dramatically lower local business’s expense on local marketing and local advertising.

With GEO Location Data Feed, automatically feed the local business data and their local promotion data over the Internet to other sites that utilize Google Map and GEO RSS FEED to pull in the local coupons data.

At mean time, more exposures means higher chances for local shoppers to find the local deals cross the Internet. is the only true GEO targeting site that offer better way to boost local business exposures.

Currently, is beta testing the features that no other printable coupons web sites offer. It will give local businesses better chance to reach out to local shoppers nearby. All these process is nearly 100% automated. So it dramatically lower the cost and to avoid human errors.

Here are some of the examples that webmasters utilizing Google Map and’s printable coupons GEO location data feed to display local businesses on the Map. currently offers great discount on local coupon marketing to local businesses who are willing to take their local business to the next level. Broadcasting local promotions over the Internet is one of the best and efficient ways to help local business stay in business. Publishing local coupons on is a smart choice for local businesses and a smart shopping source for local shoppers.

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