ZERO cost local marketing tool for your local business

Once again, show you the right way to do local marketing for local businesses. Best of all, it costs nothing more to the local businesses.

In the previous posts (case study), we showed you how we got local businesses found on the first page of Google Search result without costing more to the local business. Remember those business are registered less then a week. The following case shows you the right way to get your local business boost on the major search engines with Organic search engine traffic. In other words, you are saving money competing with other business paying too much for the paid search result. Would you pay for search result while you can do better without paying anything?


In this case study, we show you how local residents who search “Mailbox rental coupon chandler” on both Google and Yahoo.

If you follow us on this blog long enough, you should already read many case studies on this blog. You also know that local residents tend to do local shopping nowadays. Search local coupon has become a major search term on search engines. If you compare the search result on Google and Yahoo, you realized that there are many paid search links on the top or on the side bar of the search result page. If you look closely, you don’t see COUPON in their description. When shoppers search something on the internet with “Coupon” in their search terms, it indicates the buying intention. It other words, the shopper is read to buy, if they find the right deals! Are your search result link attractive?


If you think like a shopper, you may ask yourself a question. Would you click on a organic search result link that show you the real printable local coupon or a paid search link that will end up cost you more due to their advertisement spending?

Are you smart local shopper?

We built the web site to help local business pay less and sell more. We also want to help local residents and local shoppers to save money shopping smarter and supporting their local business friends the same time.

Our philosophy is simple.

We save local business money advertising their local business. It allows local business to publish a better deals, and cheaper price to attract more local shoppers. More greater promotions will bring more shoppers. More shoppers will bring more revenue to the local business. It’s Win-Win in the real world.

If you run a local business and have not publish your local coupon on, you are missing the greatest opportunities to pay less and sell more! Checkout our current offer that give your 1 year free local advertising, if you act now!

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