Why online coupon sites may kill local businesses even faster?

In recently news, you can pretty much see the big guns joining the online coupon industry. Yahoo recently join the game with their big site name Yahoo Deals. As the world largest content network, Yahoo sure can bring the majority of people a great dals online.

However, those effort will probably kill a lot of local businesses even faster.


If you read the news on InternetNews.com about Yahoo Joins Digital Coupon Craze, you find the following statement.

Web searches for “printable coupons” on Yahoo are up 50 percent in 2009, compared to the same time in 2008, and up 135 percent compared to 2007, according to Yahoo. The company says the most popular coupon-related Web searches in the past month have been for pizza restaurants, major retailers and grocery coupons.

We mention in the previous post that “Printable Coupons” search has jump since 3 years ago. Obviously, Yahoo wants everyone print coupons from their web site. The problem is that most coupons are either for online store only or for their affiliates. Most of the local coupons are either pizza or just some big franchises.

What about the local businesses that generate real cash flow for the local city and residents? That’s where SmartLocalShoppers.com come to the rescue. We want to help local small businesses to do better. We may not be able to compete with big coupon sites like Yahoo, AOL’s Shortcut or Coupons.com, but we are going to help local businesses that big corporation don’t dare to care! We focus on local printable coupons and local store coupons only.

SmartLocalShoppers.com  helps local business boost revenue while economy is still going down. Click the image to see how?

Boost Local Business Revenue

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2 Responses to “Why online coupon sites may kill local businesses even faster?”

  1. BobbiesFlowers Says:

    I love your new site! Thanks for all you are doing to help local businesses in the Valley. we look forward to Bobbies Flowers working with you for many years.

  2. SmartLocalShoppers Says:

    We are more than happy to help local family owned businesses. Looking forward to get you more local customers online and offline!

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