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3 days after launching our new project to help local business and local economy, we got many good responses and valuable feedbacks from people all over the place. One of the blogger even mentioned about our new web site.

During these days of hardships and slowdowns, I find it very encouraging to see a company or a website that really is looking out for human-kind.

Posted by: Smart Local Shoppers – Shop Smart & Save $$

As we are moving forward on our project to help more local business and help local resident saving money, we want to let everyone knows that we are true local shoppers. We always ask the store manager or store owners for promotion coupons. If you don’t ask, you don’t know what kind of good deal you are getting.

We want to thank all local shoppers and local business to work together to help our local economies. We all need to work as a team to bail out our local economies.

So feel free to invite your favorite local business to check out our site and ask your friends to search for the local promotions in their area. We will continue add new local business and local coupons. Your feedback is very important to us as well.

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