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SmartLocalShoppers.com is dedicated to build the best local marketing and local advertising platform to help local succeed in their industry. To make the miracle, Smart Local Shoppers use the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to bring the website to the top of the world.

With the extended effort to bring local business promotions, discount coupons or restaurant coupons to social network such as Facebook Free Printable Coupons fanpage and Twitter user LocalShoppers.

Here are some of the happy customer reviews and testimonials found on the Internet.

Great Service‎‎

Rated 5.0 out of 5.0I, of course, am interested in results, however, service is significantly important to me. I was (and continue to be) very happy with the service I have received and now truly believe that there ARE others who are as interested in my success as I am. Thank you!‎ – By Karri – Sep 17, 2010 – maps.google.com

It Really Works!‎‎

I had try many way to promote my business but Smart Local Shopper is the best way. It’s simple, inexpensive and I am very impress with the result. It work for me, I am highly recommended.‎ – By Cindy – Aug 29, 2010 – maps.google.com

Smart Local Shopper is an amazing service!‎‎

I used Smart Local Shopper to promote my business. The results were really fast. I started getting new leads and customers faster than any other type of advertising that I have used. If you want results give them a call.‎ – By Jeff – Aug 21, 2010 – maps.google.com

SmartLocalShoppers Hits the Mark

This service has been nothing but amazing. Our customer base has increased ever since we have been on this service. We would recommend it to anyone that wishes to gain customers and be highly visible on the search engines. By Ship P. – May 30, 2010 – www.insiderpages.com

Even if you are not retail,…‎‎

I am a computer services professional, so I knew to call the best in this area of expertise to make sure our business listings are in proper order. I see it too often where the Internet presence of a business is not placing it in the best light. This service is worth every penny.‎ – By Firebird – May 29, 2010 – maps.google.com

WOW. That is quick!‎‎

We are very impressed by their professional services and quick turnaround. As accountant, we have no idea how critical local search marketing is and how to get our name out fast. So we did what other local businesses did. We contact these guys and in matter of hours, we can see our record on search engines. Amazing. Highly recommend to small businesses!‎ – Judy – May 27, 2010 – maps.google.com

Works For Us!!!‎‎

Ever since we have been using this service we have been more than happy. We own a small Mom and Pop shipping store. Our franchise has tried to do what Smart Local Shopper does but they have had no success. We are always at the top of most search engines. Our business has seen a nice increase since we have been listed with Smart Local Shopper. We would recommend them to anyone who needs to see an improvement in customer base. Thanks Again Smart Local Shopper‎ – By pnaz146 – May 4, 2010 – maps.google.com

Impressed ‎‎

Smart Local Shopper is an impressive site with a marketing opportunity easily in the reach of every advertiser. When you compare with other media or sites, Smart Local Shopper has more to offer, targeting your customer in your neighborhood, with the products and services needed everyday. As a consumer, economy is a necessity in the world today and Smart Local Shopper allows me to find deals in my area fulfilling my needs in a timely manner. I especially enjoy the restaurant coupons. As a business owner I appreciate the opportunities this site provides with coupons readily available to customers. And I can change those coupons frequently. The internet is where it’s at and every business needs to take advantage of online marketing now.‎ – By Crazy Cowgirl – Apr 21, 2010 – maps.google.com


There is a tremendous benefit in having your own optimization guru working with your business doing local marketing. SmartLocalShoppers.com has given my business the exposure needed to be successful with local advertising. I highly recommend you work with them to increase your online public interest. Coupons are very advantageous in driving attention to your local business and is a highly effective way to market and promote your products or services. And better yet, with your listing, you obtain the added benefit of getting your business at or near the top of the online listing for businesses in your local area!‎ – By David – Apr 18, 2010 – maps.google.com

Great marketing tool for businesses and…‎‎

These guys really work on their clients behalf. Unlike other companies, there is a personal touch with not only their sales people but with their IT personal as well. They know what their doing with coupon marketing, they care about their clients success and the return is customers through your door. We endorse and highly recommend Smart Local Shoppers to our clients as well as they produce results!‎ – Madonna – Apr 17, 2010 – maps.google.com

We encourage our customers to leave the testimonials and reviews, so we can continue to offer the best local marketing and local advertising solutions. It’s all about WIN-WIN local shopping. Your support will help local economy too!

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