Search Engine Optimized local marketing for car wash franchise

At, we are dedicated to help local business grow, pay less and sell more. One of the top search keywords in Arizona is about “Car Wash Coupon“.

In our previous case studies, we have shown many great results about optimizing local business for better ROI (return of investment). So let’s take a look at what we have done for the car wash franchise.

Car Wash Coupons

As you can see, when people search “Gilbert car wash coupons” from Gilbert, AZ. is shown on the #2 spot on live search result from 515K search results. There are also many paid search results on the top and on the right side, which can easily cost local car wash company few dollar per click. Would you pay for extra money, while you can pay NOTHING and drive more traffic to your store?

Let’s take a deeper look at the organic search result. The #1 search goes to a popular local business listing web site that list the other car was place. When you click on the link and realize there is NO coupon. It simply shows the user entered feedback about the coupon without showing actually coupons. So it’s useless.

If you take a look at the #3 result from the largest local coupons advertisers Valpak. You can see it shows the coupon link that link to a totally different city in different state. You can click on the link and find out it’s nothing relate to the city you are looking for. Why would a Gilbert, AZ resident want a car wash coupon in Gilbert, SC? It makes no sense! 

It’s wasting time to search car wash coupon and find nothing you need in other cities. use precise local marketing practice to display exactly where the coupon is located by showing the store name, city, state and even the zip code. optimize every local business store page to get the best search result that will bring the local business the best organic traffic. don’t want to waste visitors’ time clicking on something they don’t want. It’s the same idea to get rid of the paper based coupon books that don’t bring the result to local business. think like local business and act like local business should. Save money publishing local coupon online and acquire the smart local shoppers nearby their physical stores are the best way to bring the best results to the local business.

Are you a local business owner? Or a marketing agent for your local business clients? You can help yourself or your clients save money, increase ROI and boost revenue by publishing your local promotions and local coupons on

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2 Responses to “Search Engine Optimized local marketing for car wash franchise”

  1. I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

  2. @Tom:

    Thank you for stopping by our blog. We are hoping to help local franchises to do more business and survive the tough economy. Would love to read your blog about how can help local business pay less and sell more from your point of views. Would love you hear about your opinions and suggerstions on your blog about us. Thank you for visiting our blog. Stay tune!

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