Reach more local shoppers with QRCode on Smart Phone

In the new mobile era, more and more local businesses are embracing the new mobile app technology. With the QRCode technology, local businesses can reach out to more local shoppers on Mobile phone.

This is the QRCode that allow smart phone users to scan and take them directly to the desired URL! not only promote local businesses at low cost, we also help local businesses reach out to new shoppers with the new technology without extra cost.

We are very happy to announce that every local businesses listed on our website will get a FREE QRCode! Every promotion offers will also have a QRCode that smart phone user can scan, download and share with their friends.

In the next few days, we will you how local businesses use this QRCode on their window to attract more local shoppers when they walk into their store or restaurant.

Smart phone users can now display the printable coupons or restaurant coupons on their phone without printing anything. It’s much greener and smarter shopping experience.

Local businesses should take this advantage to publish their offers with the best local marketing and local advertising solution available on the Internet.

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