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Once again. SmartLocalShoppers.com wants to show local business how they can pay less and save more on promoting their local business online with the right local business marketing tools and local business advertising platform that promised to target the local shoppers. In the following case study, you can clear see SmartLocalShoppers.com help local PostNet get on top of many other local business search or directory sites.


You can see SmartLocalShoppers is between Verizon’s Superpages.com and AOL’s City search results. Which link will you click? SmartLocalShoppers clearly show FREE Local Coupons in the search result title. The majority of the visitors will simply click the link that will save them money.

This case study show you just how quick SmartLocalShoppers.com helps new local business get indexed by search engine. As usual, we use Google for example. PostNet in Chandler AZ became one of the new local business registering their information and promoting their local promotion and local coupon yesterday.

Many Internet marketer will argue that the search terms did not include the physical location of the local business. So let’s do a better search and see how good SmartLocalShoppers.com turns out.

Let’s assume that you are looking for renting a PostNet Private Mailbox with a discount in Chandler, AZ. You pretty much end up search the following wider keyword. “mailbox coupon chandler“. As we mentioned in previous posts, long tail search has become a trend, because there are too many web sites out there competing each other.

To make it a fair search, we remove the PostNet. You can see who is on top of the search result with LOCAL COUPON in the description?


At SmartLocalShoppers.com, we will help every local business optimized their dedicated store page and each local promotions entry and local coupon. Obviously, visitor will tend to click on the link with coupon.

Stay tune, we will show you more case studies in the futures. The most important thing for local business is to get their name out and register on SmartLcoalShoppers.com. We offer local business the right local internet marketing tools and local business advertisement platform. So invite your local business friends to publish local promotions and local coupons today.

Be smart! Shop Local!

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