Organic search engine traffic for local business

If you ask local business about how they do Internet Marketing for local business. most of them will tell you that they pay a lot to hire Internet marketing company to advertise their local business on major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

The question is how much money is enough for advertising local business as paid search result? The next question is What is the conversion rate of the paid search result? wants to show you a different picture. Local business don’t have to spend a lot to be found on the search engines. The answer to the above two questions is ORGANIC search engine traffic. Our search optimized web sites prove why you need to get your local business on


Click image to see enlarged image.

The above image shows you the search result that expect for one the dentist in Chandler, AZ. The search terms is next generation orthodontics chandler. You can clearly see that there are many paid search results. Some of them may cost the local business from few cents per click to $3 per click. With’s standard search engine optimization technique, local business don’t have to pay for the clicks that lead to nowhere. With’s unique Internet Marketing practice,the search result link to the local coupon page. There is no non-sense landing page asking you signup e-mail newsletter. Would you rather click on the paid search link and just see a non-sense landing page or seeing a local promotion page that allows you to print local coupons and shop at the local store? You get the point.

Here is one more example that shows you how can help local business pay less and sell more with organic search engine traffic.

We know what you think. Please do your local business a favor to list your business information and start publishing local promotions today.

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3 Responses to “Organic search engine traffic for local business”

  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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  3. @Matt:

    Thank you for visiting the blog. We hope you can help your local businesses by tell them about us. We would also love to hear from you again. It’s nice to meet with other great Internet Marketing guru in the virtual world.

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